Resources for Parents, Carers and Educators

We love to create and share mindfulness, singing and instrumental resources for schools, educators, parents and carers. We always begin with learner needs as a starting point, we listen to children and we respond to their wisdom. Here are some resources we have launched publicly. Please enjoy and do get in touch if you think we could support you and the children in your care.

Link to subscribe for free (with the option of donating to support this work)

We are delighted to share with you our first pack of singalongs and deep rest meditations.

With thanks to the wonderful community of artists connected to Mindful Music, who offered their time to make this happen. You can click here to subscribe and receive access to this pack (freely given with the option to donate if you can). We will only contact you to send pack resources and to ask for feedback once a year.

Thank you and best wishes, Martha, Zosia, Raph, AlecRhiAmyMarie and Joe.

We love collaborating with Spitalfields Music. Our composer in residence, Raphael Clarkson, did the Spitalfields Trainee Music Leader programme in 2014 and has since developed his music leadership with various charities and community initiatives.

Together, with Spitalfields Music, Engines Orchestra and Raphael Clarkson, we have been developing songwriting programmes and resources with and for primary schools.

At the heart of our approach is to creatively respond to mindfulness teachings and practices, with a focus on classroom wellbeing, connection and inclusivity. You can practice mindfulness with us by visiting our Mindfulness Corner on the Spitalfields website here. And you can get an insight into our ‘Island of Self’ songwriting project through the video below.

Some of our singalongs

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